Mercato: West Ham “progress” in the Kehrer file

In a press conference, West Ham United manager David Moyes confirmed that Thilo Kehrer was not only a lead but also progressing over the past few hours.

While he won’t be able to rely on the player for this weekend’s game despite that being the initial goal, West Ham United manager David Moyes remains optimistic about the possible transfer of Thilo Kehrer to his club. The Hammers made two offers to PSG, a first which was refused then a second which would be between 10 and 12 million euros for which the Parisian response did not filter, but the coach of the English club commented on the progress of the negotiations in press conference.

Not denying at all West Ham’s interest in the German international, he first clarified that, “if I had to take stock, I would do it first with my club before anything else” . He then gave the latest news on the Kehrer case: “We are no further ahead with [Thilo Kehrer] at the moment, but we are making progress. » In recent hours, the German and French media have discussed the player’s position: not closed to this possibility but not yet in agreement with West Ham.

Note that Moyes does not take gloves to discuss transfers since he did not hesitate to say publicly that his club “made an offer for Matheus Nunes (Sporting) but the player chose not to come. » A speech different from that given a few seconds earlier about Thilo Kehrer.



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