Lose weight and tone muscles with the Japanese Kaoru method and a tennis ball

Every time different ways and methods are sought to lose weight and tone the muscles of the body. One method that is becoming increasingly popular is Japanese Kaoru.

This method focuses primarily on release tension accumulated in the fasciae (a viscoelastic tissue that surrounds the muscles, forms joint capsules, tendons and ligaments), and yoga and pilates exercises are combined to readjust body posture.

This method was created by a Japanese trainer named Kaoru (hence the name of the method). All the knowledge about these exercises is embodied in the book Slim down with Kaoru. According to the author, myofascial release allows the body to adopt a proper posture and consequently, excess fat is easily removed. To do this, you need a simple tennis ball with which to put pressure on different parts of the body or roll it to later be able to stretch the muscle in question.

According to Kaoru, the procedure begins in the feet, the area where the accumulated tension has to be released. The author explains that if the fascia is stressed or inflamed, “it flattens out and doesn’t absorb the shocks of walking well. As a result, there is a misalignment of the body.” Therefore, giving yourself a ball massage on your feet can help improve your body’s alignment. The more correct it is, the more flaccidity can be combated, the more the figure will be stretched and the better posture we will obtain.

Examples of exercises of the Kaoru method

Here are three exercises of the Kaoru method in which you simply need a tennis ball and that will allow you to lose weight and improve your posture:

  1. Soles: Following the example that we mentioned previously, you can relax the muscles of the sole of the foot. In this way, the plantar arch and the pelvis will be readjusted and you will see how your waist is slimmer. To do this, you just have to place the tennis ball under your foot and apply pressure from the heel to the toes, rolling the ball straight. The other leg has to be behind you, and you have to slightly bend the knee of the leg you are touching the ball with.
  2. Buttocks: With the gluteal stretches, you will get the hips to rise and the legs to appear longer and more slender. In this case, a tennis ball is not needed, but a chair. You will have to stand behind her, a meter away, and spread your legs twice as wide as your hips. Lean your trunk forward and rest your hands on the chair so that your body forms an inverted L. You must hold the position for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Twins: this time you will need the tennis ball again. If you relax the twins, you will improve circulation throughout the body. To do this, get on your knees on the floor and put the ball on the inside curve of your leg, at knee height. Next, drop your body, thus noticing the pressure that the ball exerts on the calf thanks to your own weight. Make sure your back is as straight as possible and your feet are straight. You may feel discomfort, but it is an exercise that will benefit your calves.

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