LeBron James banned in a famous competition!

While he is still awaiting his return to the courts with the Lakers, LeBron James has recently been talked about following an appearance in a recent video game. The King is a playable character, which still elicits rather confused reactions. Problem ? He will have to wait before he can perform on the big stage, since a famous competition has decided to ban him from the game.

Since his arrival in the City of Angels, LeBron James multiplies the projects far from the floors. He goes on to produce series, he played the leading role in the Space Jam sequel, or still spends his time on his show “The Shop”. In short, the King is a busy man, who even comes to talk about him in the field of video games, with a playable character.

LeBron makes his arrival in a new game!

Indeed, for the past few days, we have been able to embody the Lakers player in “MultiVersus”, this new free fighting game which is reminiscent in many ways of the “Super Smash Bros” saga. Regardless, the players have a lot of fun since the game has been very successful since its launch. You can embody other characters, such as Batman, Superman, Sammy and others, which gives the right to quite funny sequences.

I am without a doubt the best LeBron James in history.

The success of the game is so important, that competitions with money involved have already emerged. This weekend there is the Evo, a famous event that was acquired by Sony a few months ago. Will we see LeBron in order to win the victory? Unfortunately, no, since his character has been banned, which means he cannot be chosen by competitors.

In question ? The King, who landed in the game at the end of July, is considered an “experimental” player, which means that updates may still be made to him in the future. He could be too strong or too weak compared to the competition, hence his banishment, for the sake of fairness once in play.

Imagine LeBron walking to the Evo and being stopped at the entrance

To find LeBron James in competition on MultiVersus, it will take a little patience, until his character is better calibrated compared to the others. We must still admit that being able to play it is quite fun, especially in a fighting game. Who knows, maybe he will be joined by others.



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