Judo Women’s Over 78kg Class 1st Year, Tomoka Inoue (Sagasho) Good Fight, Runner-up Good Fight in Finals with Strong Enemies | Sports | Saga Shimbun News

Good fight in the final against a formidable opponent

Judo women’s individual over 78kg final: Tomoka Inoue of Sagasho fights fiercely with opponents = Matsuyama City

Tomoka Inoue (Sagasho), a women’s judo individual over 78 kg, put up a good fight as a runner-up despite being a freshman. Until just before the match, she was still feeling the frustration of the team competition, but she said, “Everyone won, and although it was an individual competition, it felt like we were playing a team competition.”

In the team competition on the 8th, he was unable to create a flow, and he was weak during the practice on the 9th. Looking at the venue just before the match, the memory of the defeat crossed my mind, but the members who fought the individual match on the same day wiped it out. “Senior (Mizuma) Kimiko, (Tanaka) Ai, (Nakano) Yaka seniors won.” I was able to change my mind.

The final match against Kairan Yamamoto (Yamanashi/Fuji Gakuen), who has made good progress and has been selected as a junior player by the All Japan Judo Federation. “I was able to do offensive judo without fear,” said Inoue, and she boldly attacked until the end.

Inoue admitted that his opponents were all one size larger than him, and that he was inferior in weight and strength. His mind and body have grown, and he will return to this stage again next year. (Ryosuke Kobe)


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