Baseball, Castro loses his phone from his pocket in the game: incredible in Mlb

Castro, a Dominican of the Pittsburgh Pirates, apologized: electronic devices are not allowed. “Nobody would ever bring their cell phone to the field on purpose, it was an accident”

You must always be available when a call-up to Mlb is involved: Rodolfo Castro made himself ready by answering the call from the Pittsburgh Pirates while playing in Indianapolis in Triple A. But just the habit of always carrying the phone with him betrayed him. on the most important stage. The 23-year-old Dominican second baseman has in fact become the baseball man of the night for a play but not exactly for the quality of the play. In the fourth inning of the Pirates game at the Arizona Diamondbacks, with Oneil Cruz at bat, as he dived to third base in an attempt to reach her in time, his phone slipped from his back pocket and he fell on the court.

The reaction

Third baseman Adam Hamari quickly pointed to the phone, which Castro embarrassed handed over to third baseman Mike Rebelo. Players are not allowed to bring the phone onto the pitch, now Castro risks disciplinary action. “I believe that no professional player would ever take the field intentionally carrying a cell phone. Obviously it was not voluntary – said the Dominican at the end of the game -. It’s horrible that it happened to me. Being the center of attention, on the first day of my return, I wish it was for helping my team win, not for any reason. It was definitely an accident, a mistake, something to learn from. But definitely something I didn’t want to happen. ” The Pirates lost the game 6-4.


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