In a heart-stopping duel and towards the end, Estudiantes was eliminated by Paranaense

Students from La Plata lost 1-0 with Atlético Paranaense in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Libertadores Cup.

In this way, the “Pinch” was eliminated because they had tied without goals in the first leg.

The only goal was at 52′ of the second half, through Vitor Roque.

The game is being played at Stadium “ONE”packed by a crowd.

In this way, the only Argentine team in the race is Velezwhich will have to deal with Flamengo. In the other semifinal, the “Drilling” will be measured with palm trees.

In the first leg, the duel ended in a goalless draw.

If equality persists at the end of the 90′, the series will be defined by penalties.

The winner of the series will play in the semifinals with palm treeswhich last night eliminated Atlético Mineiro.


At 8′ Godoy took a cross for Castro, but Thiago Heleno cleared it.

They were going 10′ Piatti threw himself to the ground, recovered, faced and they lowered him. Zuqui executed the free kick and when Morel entered to head in, the ball was cleared in front of him.

At the 17′. Andújar cleared a free kick with his fists and removed the danger.

They were going 24′ Piatti was left off the field when he went to work with Pedro Enrique and a riot arose.

At 28 ‘Rogel was projected, reached the rival area, and after a long cross and a short delivery to the middle of the area, the central defender appeared only in the middle to finish off, but he skidded before hitting the ball and it went wide, near the near post.

Iban 41′ Zuqui took a free kick from distance, the ball deflected and Morel appeared to win, but Bento cleared just right.

At 42′ the visiting goalkeeper missed the start and Rogel’s header went high.


At 6′ a timely clearance by Lollo prevented Pablo’s goal.

Iban 9′ Canobbio missed scoring after a great interception by Lollo.

At 12′ Hugo Moura arrived on time to prevent Castro from finishing.

They went 17′ strong shot by Godoy and Thiago Heleno saves his goal.

At 19 ‘Lollo’s powerful shot and Hugo Moura managed to reject.

They were 20′ shot by Zuqui over the goal and Pedro Henrique manages to clear the danger.

At 22′, a direct and powerful shot by Rogel, which hit the post.

Iban 27′ Piatti was one step away from scoring but Thiago Heleno saved.

At 31′ the public exploded by the entry of Mauro Boselli, applauded.

They were going 37′ Lollo tries the goal, but the shot goes wide.

At 40′ Bento avoided Boselli’s goal.

They went 43′ Morel had it, but his shot was intercepted by Bento.

At 46′ Mauro Méndez hits hard but far from the crossbar.

They were going 49′ strong infraction of Carvalho on Mauro Méndez.

At 50′ Rogel had it, but Bento deflected the shot.

They went 52′ corner and Vítor Roque, with a header, anticipates and scores the goal: 1-0.

At 56′ Hugo Moura clears a ball that falls over the area.

Iban 58′ Bento avoided the goal after a shot by Boselli.

At 60′ Bento retains a cross.

Full Time.

Students (0)

Mariano Andujar; Leonardo Godoy, Luciano Lollo, Jorge Morel, Agustín Rogel and Emmanuel Mas; Jorge Rodriguez; Manuel Castro, Fernando Zuqui and Pablo Piatti; and Leandro Diaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

Athletico Paranaense (1)

bento; Khelven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Abner Vinicius; Hugo Moura, Santana and Fernandinho; Agustin Canobio, Pablo and Tomas Neck. DT: Luiz Felipe Scolari.

Gol:: St: 52´Vitor Roque (Athletico Paranaense)

Referee: Andres Matonte (Uruguay)

Estadio: “Jorge Luis Hirschi” (ONE).



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