Houston Astros superstar Yordan Alvarez somehow logs 4 strikes in a single at-bat without anyone noticing

Houston Astros slugger Yordan Alvarez has completed one of the rarest feats in MLB, getting four strikes in one at-bat instead of three. Most players would strike out after registering his third strike, but not Alvarez. It just goes to show how dominant he has been in an offensive tear, even the referees have different rules for him!

The only possible explanation is that the umpire missed one of the strike calls. The surprising part is that the pitcher, catcher and even the announcers didn’t seem to notice either. It’s impossible to say whether Alvarez noticed or not, because he probably wouldn’t say anything about it if he did.

A clip of the rare and unique work was posted on Twitter by jombo media.


Yordan Alvarez got four strikes in one at-bat and just no one noticed?

Yordan Alvarez got four strikes in one at-bat and just no one noticed? – Jomboy Media

Fortunately, there was no real damage, as Alvarez was ejected at first base. This hilarious moment in the game between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox will not be soon forgotten.

The officially recorded stats are also a lot of fun to look at and aren’t something you’ll see very often.

«Jajaja» – Ilan Ben Moshe

This is one of the strangest and most unpredictable moments in the recent history of the game, and it’s what makes baseball great. Almost anything can happen during the game; even changing the rules by forgetfulness.

The Houston Astros’ history of skirting the rules only makes this moment more fun

The Houston Astros’ use of a sign-stealing system may have gotten them to a World Series championship, but it also branded them cheaters. Yordan Alvarez was not on the Astros in 2017, nor was he in the MLB. This didn’t stop the internet from making jokes about this at-bat that took four strikes to resolve.

“cheating again smh” – Yankees Muse

While this was clearly an accident, it would be awesome if the Astros could make it happen on a regular basis, as it would give them a massive advantage. Yordan Alvarez, of course, doesn’t need more of an edge. With a .307 batting average and 30 home runs this year, he is one of the best offensive players in the league.

This YouTube mid-season highlight pack reaffirms how great Alvarez has been in 2022.


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It may have taken four strikes to get Alvarez out, but the Red Sox managed to pull it off despite the unforeseen hurdle.

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