great success for The Path of Memories, disturbed by a very big storm

The organizers invited them to come back the next day, free of charge, to witness the end of this Bazad epic. To this stormy episode, we can also add that by prefectural decree, the fireworks planned during the 3 shows of the weekend had to be canceled.

Everyone was able to test the solidity of a helm or weigh the chain mail and its 19 kg.

G. M.

If, on Sunday, the third and last show of the season did not start until nightfall, from 6 p.m., there were already people to attend the little play, “Rumeurs au lavoir”, played at three times, by the actors of the troupe. Under the alleys of the Brèche, before reaching the refreshment point and the refreshment bar, you could cross swords with a sturdy guy and his armour, test your skill at archery and crossbow or learn to board games from ancient times.

Archery or crossbow, you could learn for free.
Archery or crossbow, you could learn for free.

G. M.

For Romain Espagnet, president of the Troubadours association and above all author, director and director, “attendance for this 2022 season makes it possible to regain and perhaps exceed the levels of before the health crisis”. In 2020, a “mini-show had been written especially to be played under the hall of the Town Hall, and last year, despite the sanitary constraints, there were all the same, in three evenings, more than 1,700 spectators at move around the Brèche site”.



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