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San Giovanni challenges the elite of European historical fencing. For the first time today and tomorrow Ferrara will be the capital of duels of the past: to compete, in the event entitled ‘Round table’, will be teams and a hundred athletes – divided into two categories, ‘male’ and ‘female’ – from all over Italy, as well as from Switzerland, Scotland and England. “We are proud that the districts organize different moments from the classic ones linked to the races in the ring of Piazza Ariostea – explains Nicola Borsetti, president of the Palio organization – and we are aware of how this involves a great effort, both economically and logistically” . Going into the details of the event, this morning at the former Baluardo di San Rocco (in the Sottomura, along via Caldirolo, so to speak) about forty fighters, belonging to all specialties, will face off in one-on-one duels. In the afternoon, starting at 4 pm, the tournament dedicated to archers will start, with about eighty participants who will try to assert their skills in a path formed by a dozen targets. For the curious and passionate, the opportunity is tempting. In fact, admission to the event is free. “In the same way – insisted Luca Battaglia, president of San Giovanni – we will guarantee maximum safety”. Tomorrow, therefore, will be the turn of the historical team fencing competition. Six different teams will compete for the title, for a total of about forty athletes. “This is a project that has always been in the dreams of our contradaioli, but which for a series of reasons we have never been able to carry out – continues Battaglia – until today”. In addition to blows with the long sword, sword and shield and so on, food and music will also be protagonists on the weekend in red and blue hues. This evening a dinner will be held in the district headquarters, followed by a concert with free admission (seat reservation is recommended). The Cisalpipers band will go up on the stage in via del Melo, offering folk melodies of Celtic origin.

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