Fila LNX-100 sneakers are ideal for back to school

a classic of FILAthe FX-100which revolutionized the footwear used for basketball, as in the case of Larry Johnson, has a new competitor, and that is that the South Korean company has decided to make a spin-off of this referent of basketball culture. sneaker, it’s about the new LNX-100.

With a versatile silhouette that combines elegance, everyday life and comfort; and with winks that reveal which design house it comes from, the LNX-100 has the complete footwear engineering to meet a Lifestyle Free and modern.

As much as it is a living image of the FX-100, it is also a redesigned vision of this model, with a symbiosis of the Disruptor – emblematic pair of FILA– for the mixture of the company’s flag next to the tennis, as the previous one did at the time.

DNA del LNX-100

Just like an experiment of mad scientists trying to create a new species with the integration of different types of DNA, it is how the LNX-100that despite counting the base of FILAhas some shades of Teratów-600, a shoe with all the power street wearso the end result includes comfort, design modern and elegance in the same piece.

With textile linings and the body of the pair, made of leather, the LNX-100, is an impeccable white classic of the company; with the logo embedded in the embroidery on both sides, they have an ideal combination with the midsole and outsole that match the upper part.

This pair is a vivid image of retro fashion and evokes that 90s, when fashion began to have an important weight in the world of basketball.

With the classic touch of putting the logo on the tongue and heel (sections that are padded for extra comfort), each step is one of authority, with the flat laces of the time and the perforated details in the tox box under the flag FILA.

Without a doubt, this para will make you see that 1992, when the FX-100and which is also part of the trend of the game of sneakerand who are a fundamental part of the group of mid-top y high-top.

Los LNX-100 They are available for both girls and boys and young adolescents, which makes them an ideal shoe for this back to school; so you will have a pair with styleversatility and comfort, and you will save yourself from being told why your sneakers are not white.

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