“Difficult” start with the US Open: Zverev will return to the Davis Cup at the latest

Start with US Open “difficult”
Zverev will return to the Davis Cup at the latest

Alexander Zverev will play for Germany in the Davis Cup, as the tennis pro announces. This is the latest date for a comeback after a serious injury. Will he play the US Open before that? Zverev still doubts that.

Olympic tennis champion Alexander Zverev has confirmed his commitment to the Davis Cup in his hometown of Hamburg. “I’ve already started to train hard for the Davis Cup,” said the 25-year-old at a press conference in the Hanseatic city. “There is no question in my mind at all that I will be in Davis Cup.” The second in the world rankings twisted against Rafael Nadal in the semifinals of the French Open on June 3 and tore all three lateral ligaments in his right ankle. The doctors would have told him it would take him four months to get back on the pitch, said Zverev. Now he himself is surprised at the rapid healing process.

The Davis Cup Group Finals will take place from September 13th to 18th at Rothenbaum in Hamburg. The German team of team boss Michael Kohlmann meets France (September 14th), Belgium (September 16th) and Australia (September 18th). “Of course they are strong opponents, but we also have a strong team,” said Zverev. “That will be a highlight for me this year, also a highlight for the others who will be in the team.” The aim is to win the group and thus qualify for the final tournament from November 22nd to 27th in Malaga.

In Hamburg, the game is played on a hard court instead of the usual clay court at Rothenbaum. In addition, the roof of the stadium will be closed. “It will definitely be a home game,” said Zverev. “It will be something completely different than playing an ATP tournament at home.” In the team you are always together and cheer each other on. “And when we then have 10,000 spectators in the stadium and tens of thousands of people know that we are playing at home, it’s something special.”

Zverev left it open whether he would still start at the US Open. “I’m not sure if there will be anything else with the US Open,” he said. In ten days he will know more. “If it were a normal tournament best of three, then I could say maybe I would be ready. But best of five as the first tournament back is difficult.”



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