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This Thursday, one of the issues that generated criticism in the report of sanctions of Disciplinary Committee of the championship of Dimayor was the no sanction of Jarlan Barrerafor the act of provocation when he was substituted in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Colombian Cup 2022 against him Junior from Barranquilla.

So the Deportivo Caliin the night hours, he took out a official announcement showing their disagreement with the decision, since in the previous semester they suffered the two date suspension plus economic fine striker and captain Theophilus Gutierrezfor a very similar act after the return game of the 2022 Super League contra Sports Tolima in Ibague.

The statement says the following:

“The Asociación Deportivo Cali expresses its dismay at the evident disparity in the disciplinary decisions that have been made regarding similar conduct. The fact that Teófilo Gutiérrez, a player on our record, showed the shield of his shirt to the stands in the SuperLiga BetPlay 2022 was reported as a provocative gesture in the Field Commissioner’s report. The members of the Disciplinary Committee of the Championship at that time determined the suspension of our captain for two games in the BetPlay League 2022-I, and imposed a fine of two million pesos.

The decision was based on the fact that, beyond the facts, the Commissioner had described the situation as a provocation. Incidentally, that the veracity of the report could be considered in question, since it contained inaccuracies such as saying that the player had indicated the stars, which are not displayed on our jersey.

On the other hand, today a decision was published on a similar conduct, committed by a player from another team, reported as provocation with total precision and truthfulness in the report of the respective Field Commissioner.

In this case, the decision was different: neither suspension nor fine for the same behavior. Although the act was also described as a provocation by the Field Commissioner, this time the Committee considered that it did not constitute a disciplinary infractionacting in accordance with its powers to assess the evidence and correct the manifest errors contained in the reports.

Nevertheless, with Teófilo Gutiérrez such faculties were not applied; he was simply sanctioned based on the Commissioner’s report. The same reasoning was not applied, which would also have resulted in an acquittal decision.since the most elementary fairness implies that equal or analogous situations should be treated equally (and common sense dictates that showing the badge on the shirt is not an act of provocation).

A professional and high level football requires that everyone is treated in the same way. In the administration of justice there should be no room for double standards, which would constitute a serious manifestation of discrimination and violation of the constitutional right to equality”, the statement concludes.

In this way, the sugar cadre considers that a similar sanction should have been decreed, in which they were affected in their time by the same fact, for the commitments of the Colombian league.

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
And Twitter: @AriasJuan_15



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