Muan-gun Sowon and Wooyang Foundation are actively carrying out child nutrition imbalance improvement projects

Reporter Jae-Seong Kim = So-Jeon Won, a social welfare corporation(Director Do Hye-kyung)of the Wooyang Foundation Children’s nutritional imbalance improvement projectsign “2022Years my child has changedhas been selected and actively.

Sowon, a social welfare corporation located in Illo-eup, Muan-gun(less power)silver ThereforeElder Napansu 6.25 To provide food, clothing and shelter for war orphans and a place to learn 1951was founded in. It is a child-rearing facility that continues the founding spirit and operates a variety of self-reliance support programs for children in need, striving to realize social values..

According to the small group, this project is a small group that needs improvement in nutritional imbalance and eating habits.(Elementary student)child 8past for people 4month Wooyang FoundationJi Hwak received project support from(now we are sure)Create a healthy growth environment and correct eating habits by planning an escape program, We are conducting business with the goal of establishing a healthy lifestyle through increased physical activity..

Nutrition education is provided to target children so that they can manage their own health by providing healthy snacks other than the configured diet.(Hyemi Park, nutritionist), month 1A new diet menu was created to allow all children to participate and give them an opportunity to think about their health..

In addition, with the cooperation of the Muan County Sports Council, 1Visit the indoor gymnasium of Hoeilo Elementary School for badminton class(Park Seon-hee, badminton instructor)is operating.

Interim check result about 40%(participating children 8hit 3number of people)degree BMI to achieve normal, There was a big change in the health of the children.. as well as the rest 60%(participating children 8hit 5number of people)also improved BMI At the end of the business by achieving the figures 60~80%I hope to see more healthy children..

jihak escapeKim participated in the program.and The children checked the nutritional content and showed pride in choosing and eating healthy snacks on their own., The will to actively participate in the formation of correct eating habits by organizing the daily meals in a diary, It showed the appearance of improvement of consciousness about eating habits.

Park Hye-mi, nutritionist in charge, I feel very rewarding as the person in charge who is planning and running the project as the changed appearances of the children have been discovered.. I hope that all participating children will have an opportunity to think about their own health and grow up healthy.said.

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