Defeat Fajar/Rian, Hendra/Ahsan to the Final


Fajar/Rian vs Hendra/Ahsan were presented in the semifinals of the 2022 Badminton World Championships. Hendra/Ahsan won the ticket to the final, after going through tough resistance from their juniors.

The 2022 Badminton World Championship enters the semifinals on Saturday (27/8). The venue is at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Japan.

The Civil War in the men’s doubles number is presented, namely the duel of Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto vs. Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan!

Fajri vs The Daddies played first on court 1. Hendra/Ahsan won the first game with a tight score of 23-21. Fajar/Rian won the second game 21-12. The third game belongs to Hendra/Ahsan 21-16.

The Daddies ke final!

The first game started, Fajar/Rian stole the first 4-0 advantage. Two of Fajar’s punches came in and Ahsan’s quick punches failed to return.

Hendra/Ahsan chasing 4-6. Ahsan was successful in serving his juniors’ fast-paced games.

8-4 Fajar/Rian stay away. Fajar was able to return Hendra’s lucky ball, closed with Rian’s punch that entered at the end of the field.

Hendra/Ahsan close again 7-9. Hendra defended well and Ahsan’s two punches made it difficult for Rian.

The first game interval closed with Fajri’s advantage 11-7. They have won several races.

Fajar/Rian sped off after drinking. He scored four points in a row to lead 15-7.

The Daddies got up. They closed the distance again to 13-16. Hendra/Ahsan’s wide shots were difficult for his juniors to reach.

18-14, Fajar Muhammad shows off. His jump smash near Hendra entered.

18-18 Hendra/Ahsan equalize! Ahsan was slick with the drive and Hendra cleverly put the ball on the sidelines.

20-18 Game points for Fajar/Rian. Hendra’s attack hit his own net.

20-20 Same score again! Flick service from Fajar ended in out, Rian’s punch also came out.

Critical points! The score remains the same 21-21. Hendra/Ahsan finally won the first game 23-21 with Hendra’s quick stroke and the ball from Rian that went out.

The second game started, Fajar/Rian took the lead 3-1. Fajri is superior in fast balls.

Hendra/Ahsan tried to catch up, but Fajar/Rian continued to maintain a four-point lead. 8-4 Fajri takes the lead after Ahsan’s ball goes out.

The second game interval was closed by Fajar / Rian’s advantage with a score of 11-4. Ahsan failed to stop Rian’s dropshot.

Fajar/Rian did not relax the tempo. They lead 16-6 in which Hendra/Ahsan often make their own mistakes.

11-17 Hendra/Ahsan have not given up. It was Fajar/Rian’s turn to make their own mistakes.

20-11 Game points for Fajar/Rian after Hendra’s punch got stuck in the net. 21-12 They finally won after Rian’s attack failed to be returned by Ahsan.

In the third game, Hendra/Ahsan stole the first 3-1 advantage. One of them is with Hendra’s hard jump smash.

Fast game available. Hendra again released a hard jump smash that contributed points. 5-3 The Dadies are ahead.

There was a moment when Rian’s jump smash almost hit Ahsan’s head where Rian’s name blocked Ahsan’s flick service. Ahsan had time to hold his head but immediately continued the match.

Hendra is furious! Rian had to fall to return Hendra’s dropshot, but failed. 8-4 Hendra/Ahsan are still ahead.

The Daddies are gaining momentum. The third game interval ended with their lead 11-5 when Ahsan ambushed the ball from Fajar mercilessly.

After the interval, Fajar/Rian tried to get out of the pressure. 10-14 They chase when winning the rally.

Fajar/Rian turn to gain momentum. They asked for a drive fight which ended in Hendra’s blow, 12-15 continuing to approach.

Hendra/Ahsan keep a distance of 18-13. Fajar’s punch got stuck in the net plus Hendra’s jump smash near the incoming net.

Fantastic rally! Hendra/Ahsan won the rally to lead 19-15. Fast balls from Fajri can be handled by The Daddies.

Match point 20-15 after Ahsan’s strike entered. The Daddies finally won 21-16 after Fajar failed to return Ahsan’s punch.



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