David González’s campaign with the DIM receives strong criticism

Medellín lives the consequences of the risky bet of the leaders when appointing David González as coach, an idol as a goalkeeper but without experience as a technical director in the amateur and professional field.

In social networks today reference is made to similar cases, recalling what happened with Mario Yepes, Amaranto Perea and Aquivaldo Mosquera, among others, with whom the need for more contact and experience was demonstrated.

And it is that after the defeat (4-2) with Junior the red team is located in secondary positions of the Betplay-2 League. His performance is 33.3% in the first seven dates and that has the fans facing a controversy.

There are those who support the strategist and ask for more time to consolidate his sports project, while others suggest an opportune change before another failure, from which an air had been taken last semester when Julio Comesaña qualified for the DIM, after five tournaments, among the top eight in the championship.

The truth is that the fans demand results and the young strategist González is aware of that. “It would be impossible to say that things are fine. Simply tell the fans that everyone inside the team is hurt as they should be and that we will do everything on our part to move this situation forward and the results will come to have the team where it truly deserves”, were some phrases of David during the press conference in Barranquilla after the setback.

What do the players say?

midfielder Christian Marrugo accompanied González to the appointment with the journalists and pointed out that the mistakes are collective: “We are all making mistakes, we are aware of that, we have to leave, we have to keep working, apologize for the results and know that we are working to Add”.

He also made reference to the lack of definition, especially at home, where last semester the Powerful made Atanasio Girardot a fort.

It is time for the footballers to react and respond with better performance to the support of the leaders, who risked it for them for the change of helmsman. One of the arguments for the departure of Comesaña and his collaborators was that they wanted a younger person at the head of the team to seek more empathy with the squad.

Perhaps many did not agree with the demand and discipline that has characterized the Uruguayan Comesaña and wanted more freedom in the preparation. This argument, plus others that were exposed at the time, such as the coach’s lack of empathy with a sector of the fans, something that Julio Avelino never agreed with after his departure, and supposedly having “underestimated” the Copa Sudamericana in the which did not make it past the first round, prompted the change.

But all this is already past and the reality is clear: a DIM with results that do not match the current payroll, players in debt who need to justify their presence in the club and get the caste as soon as possible, and a coach who does have patience could get the team afloat.

Wednesday’s game is coming against Tolima at the Atanasio (6:00 pm) in which Medellín will define the passage to the semifinals of the Colombia Cup. He is winning the series 3-1 and making sure the storm could subside, but he will have a very careful rival up front.


this Wednesday afternoon, Medellin’s duel against Tolima at the Atanasio.


years is David González, who debuts this semester with the DIM as a technician.



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