Colombia National Team: Camilo Zúñiga over Néstor Lorenzo and Atlético Nacional | Colombia selection

One of the players who marked an era in Colombian soccer was Camilo Zuniga. The former defender is remembered for his time at Nacional and the Colombia selectionin addition, of the clubs that he dressed abroad.

He is remembered for that eleventh that led the tricolor, back to a World Cup. As an authorized voice, he spoke with FUTBOLRED, in the middle of the Elite Cup, in which his team, the Camilo Zúñiga Foundation, is part of.

Zúñiga began with the importance of youth competitions “I am happy, because it is a different event, an international tournament. Above all, accompanying young people so that they fulfill their dreams, that for me becomes a challenge, accompanying them in the process. It’s not just inviting clubs, but people. We realize that things are being done well in Colombia and in the school, unfortunately that was not the result. A good game was played”.

“It is important that the National Team coaches see these tournaments. There are players who are passing them by, who accompany this tournament, they can take surprises ”he added about the training processes, inviting the coaches of the tricolor’s minor categories, to be aware of new talents.

As an authorized voice, due to his time in the tricolor, he highlighted the arrival of Néstor Lorenzo to the Colombian bench “happy because Amaranto, one more friend, is accompanying him. Teacher Néstor knows the boys, the vast majority, they will be calm with him. There were many factors, now we have to erase that page, turn it over and think about the process with Néstor. His appointment was very important not only for the tricolor, but for Colombian football”.

Zúñiga debuted as a professional in Nacional, a team of which he is a fan. He gave his opinion of what the title was last semester “I’m happy, after you win a title, it’s the most beautiful thing there is as a player and coach, they are goals that are set. Super happy, because I’m a fan of Nacional, I grew up, I grew up watching it and I fulfilled my dreams playing with Nacional. I hope they continue with that forcefulness.”

It concluded with the difficulties that the green squad could go through, before the departure of Giovanni Moreno “It may be, when internal things happen, they will know what is happening, it moves the group a little, it moves it. Mentally they are distracted, that could happen. The boys are mature and they know who can take Nacional forward, they have experienced players, who have a hierarchy and can take the group forward”.

Sergio Cortes
FUTBOLRED Editorial Office
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