Bologna goes into race-6, we go to the “beautiful” with Parma

All in a single match, the one that will still see “Gianni Falchi” as the scene of the decisive match between Bologna and Parma that will award entry into the Scudetto finals. San Marino continues the patient waiting to find out which of the two Emilians will be the opponent who will try to put a spoke in the wheel on the road to the second Italian flag, given that race-6 has still left all the games open: the man – the cover of the fortitudino success has a very specific identity and responds to the name of Murilo Brolo Gouvea, Brazilian pitcher who came close to perfection in the test offered in front of the Bolognese public, keeping the Parmesan clubs dry for the duration of the match. Bologna was thus able to speculate on the advantage obtained already at the opening of the match thanks to Paolini who gains second base with a double left, advances to third on Gilmer Lampe’s bunt and then scores on Josephina’s rebound what will be at the end of the fair the decisive point for victory. UnipolSai thus ensures a last chance to reach the Italian Series: race-7 will start at 20.30 and will resolve any doubts about the team that will be the winner in this endless derby of the Via Emilia.



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