Bayern vs Wolfsburg: DAZN breakdown in Bayern game! | Sports

Streaming frustration on Sunday evening!

At Bayern’s first home game against VfL Wolfsburg, many fans were initially pessimistic!

Reason: The transmission of the streaming service DAZN faltered and caused a lot of problems.

Users complained that they either couldn’t log in at all – or got logged out mid-game. And then didn’t come back in…

After 20 minutes, the situation seemed to improve, with user complaints on Twitter decreasing.

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DAZN said on the streaming service’s official Twitter account: “Sorry for the inconvenience. Our colleagues are already working flat out on a solution.”

But the user anger hardly cooled down!

Most recently, DAZN doubled the prices for existing customers from EUR 14.99 to EUR 29.99 per month. With an annual subscription, you pay EUR 24.99 per month (EUR 274.99 instead of EUR 299.88 for twelve months with a one-off payment). This price was previously 12.50 euros (149.99 euros per year).

The streaming service exclusively broadcasts all Bundesliga games on Friday and Sunday.



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