“Badminton” Neighborhood Meet Community Games Ducheng Street Badminton Trials Begin Shooting

“Badminton” Neighborhood Meet Community Games Ducheng Street Badminton Trials Begin Shooting

2022-08-03 15:29:11Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On the morning of August 3, the first community sports meeting in Yanta District of Xi’an City, Ducheng Street Badminton Trials, was shot at the Gazelle Valley Badminton Stadium, with nearly 70 people from 10 teams participating.

The purpose of this competition is to implement the national fitness and healthy China strategy, improve the health level and physical quality of the residents, and actively respond to the requirements of the “Notice on Doing a Good Job in Community Games” by the Organization Department of Yanta District Committee. The competition is organized by Ducheng, Yanta District. It was hosted by the Sub-district Party Working Committee and Ducheng Sub-district Office of Yanta District and undertaken by Zhaijiapu Community. A total of nearly 70 contestants from the sub-district participated. On the field, the players showed their skills in housekeeping one after another. Everyone was high-spirited, and their spirit of fighting for the first place was vividly displayed. “I like playing badminton very much. I learned that Xi’an holds a community sports meeting. I have been paying attention to the event arrangement in our street. Fortunately, I didn’t miss it.” Contestant Liu Li has a game with colleagues every week, and he has also participated in some games. The reason is that he wants to get to know some golfers who live nearby through the game and make a ball at the “door door” together. In Liu Li’s view, this competition not only provides opportunities for everyone to show, but also provides a platform for communication. “Competing with neighbors is a brand new experience.”

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Sun Xiaolong, a member of the Zhaijiabao community, said: “Since the launch of the Yanta District Divisional Competition of the First Community Games in Xi’an, our community has widely promoted and actively created an atmosphere, striving to allow more people to participate in it, enrich cultural and sports life, and share sports fun. .” Text/Photo All Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Yan Bin



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