Argentina fought until the end, fell to Brazil and is runner-up in the South American San Luis

The Argentine National Team was runner-up in San Luis. In a close final until the last moment, Brazil prevailed 69-68 and thus the albicelestes obtained the silver medal of the South American 2022. The Arena La Pedrera in Villa Mercedes provided a spectacular setting to encourage those led by Gregorio Martínez who, Despite falling in the definition against the classic rival, they had a fantastic tournament, winning four of their five appearances and achieving one of the goals set at the beginning: qualifying for the AmeriCup 2023.

In Argentina, collective performance prevailed once again, with five players above double digits: Delabarba, Boquete and Burani with 12 points, Gretter and Burani with 11. While on the Brazilian side, Gonçalvez (13), Kamila Soares ( 15) and Paixao (17 and double the victory). In addition, it is impossible not to highlight the preponderance of both selected at the regional level, this being the 13th final played against each other in the last 15 editions of this competition.

The fight began with formidable Argentina in defense and a Brazilian team that weighed on the offensive rebound. Delabarba led with his penetrations, accompanied by Boquete’s triples. An unsportsmanlike to Burani raised the temperature and the first quarter ended 20-15 for the locals. The second set continued with friction and a Mungo who took center stage on his entry. It was another immense defensive passage to contain the Amazon and go to the long break up 31-23.

Those of Gregorio Martínez returned with a good trend, but Brazil pressed the accelerator and managed to take the lead 40-41. With Gretter managing the times and the promise of a closure not suitable for heart patients, the third segment concluded 47-46 for Argentina. Indeed, the outcome was frantic, with our perimeter players attacking the rim and the visitors imposing themselves in the paint. It was goal by goal until the last play: Paixao converted and led by two units, Gretter scored his free kick after a technique, but with 0.6 seconds there would only be time left for Kamila Soares’ cap that would decree the final 69-68.

Luciana Delabarba, one of the highest points of the national team for her performances throughout the tournament, joined the Ideal Quintet of the South American, in which the Brazilian Kamila Soares rose as MVP.

In this way, the National Team completes a stupendous performance, captivating an entire country with its volume of play and brutal dedication, qualifying for the 2023 AmeriCup and getting on the podium. And it is also worth noting that, in addition to the South American and FIBA ​​Americas U18 events held in Buenos Aires, Argentina hosted a third continental tournament of the year at home, demonstrating CAB’s great support for the project and development of our women’s basketball.



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