Announcement of the release of the second promotional video from Darcy’s Guilt Free Ice Cream, which develops guilt-free ice cream.

Dashi’s Factory released its first promotional video in July, but this is the second video with Mr. Sakoda, who sympathized as a former athlete and experienced the training of Dashi’s ice cream production.
Through the product concept of not using 4 ingredients (dairy products, white sugar, trans fatty acids, gluten free) and the freshness of athletes, we are appealing the taste of ice cream and products that are gentle on the body and free of guilt.

◆ “I feel no guilt even though it’s ice cream”

◆ “I feel no guilt even though it’s ice cream” 60 seconds long edition

★Dashi’s Birth Story★
Dashi’s Guilt Free Ice Cream Lab was envisioned by former judoka Kaoru Matsumoto when he was still active.
[ice cream that doesn’t burden your body! ]was born from the idea.
That thought led to the idea of ​​“guilt-free”.
“Delicious ice cream, smile to the world”
“Bringing the culture of dashi, which is the basis of Japanese food culture, to the world”
That’s why I named the product “Dashies”.

At the press conference announcing retirement from active duty…

“I will make ice cream!”
On February 7th, 2019, some of you may remember Kaoru Matsumoto’s words when he was asked by the media about his future activities at the press conference to announce his retirement as a judoka. Uka I’m sure most people have wondered, “Why do judokas use ice cream?” However, Matsumoto didn’t decide to make ice cream on a whim. “Why ice cream?” That was hidden in an episode of Matsumoto’s active days.

When I was active, I thought only about winning and reviewed my daily eating habits. I overcame the days of giving up my favorite ice cream and chocolate, and by devoting everything to judo, I began to get satisfactory results. But I really wanted to eat it.
More than anyone else, Matsumoto experienced and felt the pain of “I want to eat but I can’t” and “I can’t eat it all the time”.

◆Dashi’s Factory History
February 2019 Established Darcy’s Guilt Free IceCream Labo (on the campus of Tokyo Fuji University)
December 2019 Online shop opened (opened in Bene-chan SHOP)
April 2021 Established Dashi’s Factory Co., Ltd.
June 2021 Official YouTube channel opened
June 2022 Dashi’s Factory dealership system started
July 2022 Dashi’s Factory official online shop opened
July 2022 Dashi’s Factory’s first promotional video distribution started

Reference: Performer profile

◆ Saori Sakoda Career
Date of birth December 18, 1987
Born in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Biography Former volleyball player
Participated in the 2012 London Olympics
Participated in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics
2017 Toray Arrows left/retired from active duty

◆ Kaoru Matsumoto Career
Date of birth: September 11, 1987
Born in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Biography Former judo player
2012 London Olympics Judo women’s 57kg class gold medal
2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics Judo women’s 57kg class bronze medal
Retired from active duty in 2019

◆Enterprise information
Dashi’s Factory Co., Ltd.
3-12-36 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Waimatz Hiroo

◆ Official website & online shop

◆ Official Instagram (Dashi’s Factory & Kaoru Matsumoto)

■ Contact information

Public Relations Contact

*Photo taken at the time of shooting



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