Ancelotti highlights the dynamics and intensity of Borré and company

Carlo Ancelotti, Karim Benzema and Luka Modric spoke to the press in Helsinki as part of the European Super League which will be played this Wednesday, August 10 from 2:00 pm, Colombian time. Real Madrid will seek its fifth title in this competition and will do so against Rafael Santos Borré’s Eintracht Frankfurt.

In the press conference, Ancelotti highlighted the rival’s game and He ruled out that his squad has relaxed due to the thrashing suffered by the Germans on the first day of the Bundesliga against Bayern Munich. He considers Eintracht a top-level, dynamic and intense team with a 3-4-3 system (Borré in the lead) and who will face the game like a battle.

“He is not going to fool us (the 6-1 with Bayern Munich). They have deserved the great Europa League they have won. It is a dynamic team, which plays with intensity, we know it well. To win we have to fight, fight and play well. We have the conditions to do it because we have trained well and we are confident. Winning the Champions League has given us a lot of hope”, said Ancelotti.

For its part, Benzema affirms that the Super League is an important game, which gives a title and that Madrid will try to win it with the best they have. He wants to start the season with one more trophy. “Today is a dream and it can be fulfilled tomorrow with a victory. It is a very important game for us, we are ready. We are the European champions and we are going to give everything to win”.

Borré believes that they can compete with Real Madrid

Minutes before the Madrid press conference, Rafael Santos Borré also spoke to the media from the Helsinki Olympic stadium. He remembered the times he faced the white team when he played with Villarreal (2016/17). He hopes that Eintracht have solidity and concentration to nullify the attack of the Spaniards.

“I had the opportunity to be in LaLiga, face Real Madrid twice. It is a team with high-quality players, but you can compete with them. The two games with Villarreal were very even, the team was able to stand up to him and take the ball from him, but Madrid hurt in transitions. It is going to be important that as a team we are solid and focused to reduce their chances of attack and take advantage of our options and moments in which we impose ourselves in the game to win the game”, commented Borré.



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