5 Special Facts about Indonesia After Slaughtering Singapore in the AFF U-16 Cup

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Indonesian National Team U-16 crushing Singapore 9-0 in the second match of Group A AFF U-16 Cup 2022, Wednesday (3/8) evening WIB. Here are interesting facts after Indonesia beat Singapore.

The Indonesian U-16 national team had a 6-0 lead over Singapore in the first half of the match at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Sleman. In the second half, three additional goals were scored to close the match with a landslide score of 9-0.

The victory brought Garuda Asia to the top of the standings. Indonesia both collected six points with Vietnam but was entitled to occupy the first position due to superior goal difference.

Here are five facts after the Indonesian U-16 national team crushed Singapore:

1. The 9-0 win over Singapore became the biggest ever clash between the two teams. Previously, Indonesia’s biggest victory came when they won 3-0 in the 2019 AFF U-16 Cup.

2. Muhammad Nabil Asyura scored a hat trick against Singapore. He became the first player to score a hat-trick in the AFF U-16 Cup so far.

3. The U-16 Indonesian National Team has not conceded a goal after playing the first two matches. Before winning 9-0 over Singapore, Garuda Asia also didn’t concede a goal in a 2-0 win over the Philippines.

Apart from Indonesia, there are two other teams, namely Thailand (Group B) and Malaysia (Group C) which have also not conceded a goal. It’s just that the two teams have only played one game.

4. Seven Indonesian U-16 national team players have scored in the group phase. Nabil Asyura has scored three goals, Kaffiatur Rizky (two goals), and one goal each from Arkhan Kaka Putra, Rizky Afrisal, Hanif Ramadhan, Waliy Marifat, and I Komang Ananta Putra who each scored one goal.

5. A landslide victory over Singapore puts the Indonesian U-16 national team as the most productive team. A total of 11 goals were scored by Bima Sakti’s team in just two games.

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