The Pre-Federal of La Pampa will be made up of eight teams

Basketball in the province of La Pampa and surroundings is preparing for a new challenge. The Pre-Federal will be made up of eight clubs that, starting in August, will fight for tickets to the next Federal League.

Ferro and Independiente from General Pico, Sportivo Realicó, CAJU from Alpachiri, Estudiantes, Belgrano and All Boys from Santa Rosa; and Atlético Villegas, from the Buenos Aires Federation, are the clubs that confirmed their participation and after the meeting of the Sports Management Agency of the “Sports Region CAB No. 2” the requirements and details of the competition were agreed.

Arturo Fazzini representing the Argentine Basketball Confederation (CAB), Sebastián Paoli, for the Pampean Basketball Federation (Fepamba), and Andrés Martani, for the Basketball Federation of the province of Buenos Aries, unanimously approved that the Pre Federal will begin in August and in the next few days the start date will be defined.

The composition of the squad for each game will be four senior players, two U23, four U21 and two U19 or younger. Beyond said composition, the lists of Good Faith may be made up of: up to four Seniors, up to four U23 (two of them who have to have more than one year in the club), up to U21 (4 who have to have more than 1 year in the club). The U19, free.

game format
There are eight teams in a round-trip all-against-all format. Each club would play 14 regular phase games qualifying from first to eighth. The final phase of the tournament will be organized once the places available for the next season of the Federal Basketball League are confirmed.

The CAB regulations of the 2022 Federal Tournament will be applied and will be played every weekend. In the development of the regular phase, a technical commissioner is not required at the control table, but in the final phase a technical commissioner will be required at said table.

The official game ball is the Molten brand and the administration of the Tournament will be carried out by Fepamba. The Disciplinary Court will make its resolutions in the matches played in each jurisdiction, meaning that the Pampas Court will act in the matches played in the province of La Pampa. The CAB procedure code will apply.

The Court of Appeal will be that of CAB and in the coordination of the Tournament a representative will be appointed by Fepamba. The Tournament will use the SIREDI system of CAB, it will be the representative of Fepamba for the purposes of its management and coordination. The clubs that register to participate in the Pre-Federal Tournament must comply with the “CAB Institutionality” Program.

Source: Fepamba Press


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