The new photo of Rudy Gobert at the T-Wolves ignites the fans!

Rudy Gobert will now wear the colors of Minnesota, and it was enough for the franchise fanbase to start dreaming. The last photo of the big man has also set fire to social networks, as the potential of the team with him seems to be promising.

Back in the playoffs this season, the Timberwolves intend to continue their momentum and aim for even more than the first round, in 2022-23. In order to achieve this, the local front office decided to strike a blow on the market, bringing in none other than Rudy Gobert. The French pivot will now form a new duo of Twin Towers with Karl-Anthony Towns, the franchise player. A hell of a pair in the racket that could make a lot of noise.

By the way, fans of the franchise can rejoice, because they will finally have a capable defender at position 5. KAT is not an expert in the matter and should also experience some upheavals with the arrival of the Habs. Quite the opposite of the latter, who is triple defender of the year and whose size (2m18) is very useful for repelling opposing attacks. This is also the case for its scale, which the leaders wanted to highlight during its presentation:

The stature of Rudy Gobert panics the supporters

Clearly, this gives a wingspan of 2m36, absolutely maddening dimensions for ordinary mortals. A real goalkeeper in the racket, Gobzilla practically only has to stretch out his arm to grab a rebound, or even to hinder an opponent’s shot. With such a totem protecting their circle next year, Minnesota fans were quick to rave, eager to see it in action starting in the fall:

He is soooooo long brother

He can touch the circle without jumping. Not sure there’s another guy with big minutes who can do that in the whole NBA. He is looooong.

Rudy Gobert is a real giant, and Timberwolves fans are slowly starting to realize that. They will finally have an elite defender at the pivot position, enough to allow Karl-Anthony Towns to focus almost exclusively on the offensive game.


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