Albert Sàbat retires after twenty seasons

Albert Sàbat retires after twenty seasons

Albert Sàbat Vilà (Llagostera, 1985) retires as professional basketball player after twenty seasons. Trained in the lower categories of Club Bàsquet Llagostera and Club Sant Josep Girona, Sàbat would make his debut at ACB’s CB Girona in the 2002-03 season while competing in the linked team: ADEPAF Figueres d’EBA. After adding minutes in the 2003-04 season, he would get the first team record in 2004-05, with which he would play 21 games.

After tasting the ACB, he would fire as a player in the FEB categories defending the shirt of teams such as Lleida, Tenerife, Vigo, Vic, CB Sant Josep Girona, CB Canarias, Alicante and Tizona de Burgos. He would return to the top category as the base of the Club Joventut de Badalona and the CAB Obradoiro, before concluding his stage at home: Girona Basketball. Thus, rising to the ACB, closes the circle where it all began after making his debut in an elite Girona team.

Albert Sàbat ceases to be a player and captain of the first team after 97 participations, a promotion to LEB Or, 2 Catalan League MVP LEB Or, 2 Catalan Leagues LEB Or and a historic promotion to the ACB.

Sàbat will remain linked to the club, joining the technical organization chart of the first team of Bàsquet Girona. Next season, the debut of the elite, the club will pay tribute to him in the Fontajau pavilion.


The player wanted to thank the club that allowed him to finish the race in 2019 “at home, with my people and my city.”

Among other farewell words, Sabbath has thanked “that they have allowed me to decide when to retire and I think now is the best time after what we have achieved.”

“I’m very excited, I’m really looking forward to starting this race and doing it here at home makes me even more excited with a coach like Aíto from whom I will learn a lot,” the sportsman concluded.


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