The 13th ticket to the final tournament of the Latvian 3×3 Basketball Cup will be played on July 16 in Dobele

The season of the Latvian 3×3 Basketball Cup will continue on Saturday, July 16 at the Dobele Sports Hall, where teams from Latvia and Lithuania will fight for the 13th ticket to the final tournament on 6/7. in August in Ventspils. Registration for the Dobele tournament will continue until Friday, July 15 at 19:00 on the website of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).

The Latvian 3×3 Basketball Cup organized by the Latvian Basketball Association (LBS) started on May 28 in Kandava, but in the continuation of the competition, tournaments were also held in Daugavpils, Madon, Saulkrasti, Ķekava, Rūjien, Limbaži, Ogre, Jēkabpili, Valmiera and Salaspili. After the Dobele match, there will also be matches in Ventspils (July 23), Liepāja (July 27), Gulbene (July 29), Ventspils (July 30), Jelgava (July 30) and Riga (July 31). At the final tournament in Ventspils, 24 teams will qualify for a paid trip to the FIBA ​​World Tour stage in Utrecht (Netherlands) in September.

So far, ten Latvian teams have won tickets to the final tournament (“TRUBasketball”, “Jēkabpils”, “Rīga”, “3×3 RAE”, “Metinātāji”, “Limbažu ceļi”, “RSU”, “Spēka Kustība”, “JIRMIs”, ” Bauerfeind”), as well as Ukrainian “Ukraine-Kelts” and Lithuanian “Marijampole Mantinga”.

In the Dobele tournament, due to unfavorable weather forecast, the games will be held in the Dobele Sports Hall. There is a certain limit of participants – 12 teams. Matches will be played according to FIBA ​​rules. Participation only for same-colored game shirts, as well as for 3×3 basketball players with FIBA ​​player profiles. Participation fee – 30 euros per team.

Team registration for the Dobele stage on the FIBA ​​page.

Latvian 3×3 basketball cup overall rating.

Photo: Renars Buivids


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