Paula Badosa: “I’m not Rafa Nadal and I won’t be”

Paula Badosa, who lost this Monday with Simona Halep in eighths of Wimbledonasked to lower the requirements with her, assured that it is not Rafael Nadal nor will it be and that in Spain people have become unaccustomed to the successes of tennis players.

“Well played her, badly played me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Nobody likes being in that situation, being eighth from Wimbledon on the center court and lasting just an hour without being able to deploy my game. I’m just like in ‘ “I’ve tried to be more aggressive than in Madrid and I’ve failed more. The last thing I want is to play against her again. I feel like it,” Badosa told a news conference with Halep in just one hour of play.

“You all know what I’ve been through in my life. What I have most is the mental strength. I don’t think this is my weak point. My weak point is the experience. Play more with players like Simona Halep, learn to win when you play badly. ”

With this result, Badosa’s top in the Grands continues to be the quarterfinals he achieved last season at Roland Garros.

“I don’t know what I’m missing (to improve in the Grand Slams). I won Indian Wells, which is like a Grand Slam, but then in the Grand Slam my maximum is the fourth. It’s great, but I want more. or it may be short, I don’t know. ”

On expectations, Badosa spoke that the balance, despite the result at Wimbledon, should be positive.

“It’s my first year as a top ten, it should be positive, but I feel a lot of the demand from the people behind it. You’re in the second week and now the question is why you don’t win and when you lose in the first week the question is why doesn’t it happen in the second week.I’m not Rafa Nadal nor will I be.We’ve gotten used to it in Spain. a little less, “he assured.



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