Neymar Case | Neymar, Rosell and Bartomeu, on trial for the signing of the Brazilian by Barcelona

The Court of Barcelona will judge from October 17 to 31 the ‘Neymar case‘, for which the Brazilian international, currently at Paris Saint-Germain, his parents and former presidents of Fútbol Club Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell will sit on the bench for irregularities in his signing in 2013.

According to what El País has advanced and legal sources have informed Efe, the trial will be held from October 17 in seven sessionsin a view where the defendants face prison sentences for two crimes of corruption between individuals and fraud by simulated contract in the negotiations that, between 2011 and 2013, culminated in the transfer of Neymar to Barcelona.

The case started after a denunciation of the investment fund DIS Esportes e Organizaço de Eventos LTDAwho had 40% of Neymar’s federative rights and who felt cheated, in his opinion, by not having collected everything he owed for the signing of the footballer to FC Barcelona when Rosell was president and Bartomeu vice president.

The Federation of Professional Sports Associations of Brazil, which joins DIS in the private prosecution, considers that their rights, consisting of a percentage of the transfer rights, were also violated by the defendants.

The Prosecutor’s Office, in its provisional conclusions, asks for two years in prison and a ten million euro fine for Neymarwho is currently a French PSG player, and five years in prison for Sandro Rosell.

He also requests two years in prison for Neymar’s father and one for his mother, both as alleged perpetrators of crimes of corruption in business, the same one that charges the son, and a fine of 1.4 million euros for the company familiar N&N.

A Joseph Maria Bartomeuwho at the time of the events related to this case was vice president of the Catalan club, is only accused by DIS, which asks for him five years in jail.

The case addressed by the Barcelona Court is called ‘Neymar 2’, since ‘Neymar 1’ culminated in an agreement with the Barcelona court for which Barça paid 5.5 million euros and was convicted of two tax crimesexempting Rosell and Bartomeu from responsibilities.



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