Millionaire players on loan: Abadia to Fortaleza and agreement with Valledupar | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

millionaires confirmed through social networks that one of his youth squads will not continue in the team. The front Diego Abbey will play on loan for the next 12 months in Fortaleza. Interesting decision for the young footballer to add minutes of competition.

After a semester in which he did not play three games, the board chose to loan one of its most promising youth squads. Let us remember that in 2020, Abadía had several opportunities in the starting eleven and even scored his first goal as a professional against América de Cali at the Pascual Guerrero.

Now comes the opportunity to gain experience in the second division and gain experience that will serve him in the future in the albiazul team. Business in which the three parties win: player, ‘Millos’ and ‘Forta’.

It is not the first time that Millonarios has decided to give one of their homegrown players to another rented local team. The most recent case occurred with Juan Camilo Salazar, who was loaned to Águilas Doradas since the middle of last year. Unfortunately the player chose to end his contract with the ambassador.

Before him, a few years ago there was an agreement with the Valledupar, a team that plays in the BetPlay Tournament, so that young blue promises went there to add minutes. Agreement that left good revenues.

In November 2017, weeks before becoming champion of the League, the board signed a sports agreement with Valledupar that in theory should have lasted three years. The idea was to take homegrown players paying them their salary and in return each one had to add a certain number of minutes.

With everything signed, the following year seven footballers arrived: Andres Llinas, Damir Zamora, Stiven Vega, Juan Camilo Garcia, Kevin Salazar (not to be confused with the Equity player), Brayan Blandon and Jorge Rengifo.

According to data from the portal ‘Diario del Cesar’, those who performed best were Vega and Rengifo (each one added more than a thousand minutes). Even the midfielder who is currently one of the captains of Millos barely lasted six months, because Jorge Luis Pinto requested it for the second half of 2018.

By the beginning of 2019, Llinás, García and the aforementioned Rengifo left; instead they arrived Luis Torres and Nicholas Murcia. Neither could stand out. In the middle of that year they joined Orles Aragonwho had just added minutes in the ambassador first team, and Emerson Rivaldo Rodríguez.

In 2020, when there was still a year to go, both teams decided by mutual agreement to end the relationship. The poor sporting results of Valledupar and the little continuity of the youth squad ended up being the trigger for everything.

In the end, 11 young people arrived in the capital of Cesar. Of them, five managed to appear in the first team of Millonarios: Llinás, Vega and Rivaldo became strongholds and even earned the call to the national team, Emerson is already in soccer abroad (MLS); García is revulsive for Alberto Gamero in midfield and Rengifo started well, but recently his level has declined and that is why he has not been taken into account again.

Thus, Abadía hopes to repeat the same story. It is time to prove his worth, add as many minutes as possible, score goals, fill himself with confidence and in a year return to the club with the possibility of contributing.


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