lost by a landslide against Brazil

The female selected of Argentina had an adverse start in the Copa America of Colombia 2022, losing 4-0 to his pair from Brazil, at the Centennial Stadium in Armenia. Those directed by Germán Portanova, who premiered new clothing, could do little before the power of a rival who is the top favorite to keep the title.

The Argentine team remained organized in the first part of the game, valid for Group B. In that period, the Brazilian team, champion of this contest in seven of its eight editions, failed to find ways to violate Vanina Correa.

Nevertheless, the albiceleste resistance reached the minute 28when a combination between Bia Zaneratto and Tamires was finished by Adriana, who established the initial difference with a touch to the net from the center of the penalty area.

Eight minutes later, according to the opinion of the Colombian María Victoria Daza Ortiz, referee of the match, Ruth Bravo committed an infraction against Zaneratto inside the area and sanctioned the maximum penalty. It was that same Brazilian player who was in charge of collecting the foul and converting the second goal for her team, with a left-footed shot to the right of Correa. The goalkeeper from Santa Fe guessed the intention, but was unable to reject the ball.

Argentina came close to discounting with a mid-range shot that hit the crossbar. It was one of the few moments in the match in which Lorena, the Brazilian goalkeeper, was demanded.

Despite not having its top star, Marta, winner of six FIFA World Player awards and The Best FIFA in 2018, and who is recovering from a torn anterior ligament in her left knee, Brazil showed its strength and extended the distance at 13 of the second part.

Zaneratto, considered Marta’s successor, performed an excellent individual maneuver and assisted Adriana to sign her double after leaving Correa with hierarchy on the way.

Near the end, with Argentina’s formation focused on the attack, Debinha closed the Brazilian rout by finishing a counterattack play.

In this way, the Argentine team could not repeat the positive results they achieved against Brazil in the 2006 South American Championship, when they won the title, and in the 2014 Copa América.

Yamila Rodríguez: “We didn’t want this result”

The Argentine Yamila Rodríguez analyzed the match and admitted that it was not the ending they expected: “We We try to arrive with more players and we pay it back”.

“We didn’t want this result at all, but now it’s over, we have to keep focused on what’s next,” said the forward who plays for Boca Juniors.

“We tried to arrive with more players and we paid for it behind”, admitted the Argentine Yamila Rodríguez. Photo REUTERS/Mariana Greif.

For her part, Brazilian striker Bia Zaneratto said: “It was important to start with a win. We had a very physical opponent, who made a lot of fouls, but we were able to build arrivals and goals.”

The next commitment for the albiceleste team will be against Peru. The match will be played on Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. (our country’s time), again in Armenia. Brazil, meanwhile, will face Uruguay, which lost 1-0 in its debut against Venezuela.

The women’s Copa América awards tickets to the 2023 World Cup and Pan American Games, and to the 2024 Paris Olympics.



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