“I have no sequel and my heart is perfect”

BarcelonaAfter being fired by Real Madrid, Pablo Laso took advantage of the press conference on his campus to explain his version of events. “I’m fine enough, as you see me. I suffered a small heart attack after the second game of the semifinals and, thanks to the speed of medical services, I was admitted to the hospital, I had a catheterization and the next day I was “I don’t have any sequels and my heart is perfect. Seven days later I was already training,” Laso explained.

“I’m no longer the coach of Madrid. After eleven years at the club, I can only be grateful. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a wonderful coaching staff. Being lucky to be able to work with friends is a source of pride. “Being in Madrid has been a privilege,” added the former Real Madrid coach.

The Basque coach is in no hurry to return to the bench. “I’m not looking for a team to train. I want to train, but I won’t train to train. I have to get excited about some project. I hope to have some opportunity that conveys excitement to me,” he said. Laso has used a conciliatory tone. “I didn’t like my family finding out on TV what was happening to me, but I don’t go around anymore. Medical reports are confidential and should not be made public,” he added.

Real Madrid told Pablo Laso a few weeks ago that he would not be the coach of the white team next season. The Basque coach still had a one-year contract, but the club clings to medical reports that discourage his continuity. His replacement will be Chus Mateo, the assistant coach who already held his position during the final against Barça. “If Madrid were so worried about me, I would have been grateful if they had provided me with the medical reports. I am calm because the people who have treated me have given me normalcy. I am a basketball coach and I was very excited about the season. “If Madrid decides to do without me, I understand. What saddens me is that Pablo Laso will not coach Real Madrid next season,” said Laso.

“We terminated our contract. I was clear that it was best to reach an agreement. Above the people there is always the club,” he added. Laso has used some statements by Jaycee Carroll as an argument. “My priority is health. The decision had to be medical, mine and my family’s. Madrid told me I was taking too many risks, but I had no formal offer from the white club,” the former coach added. Madrid.

“Madrid said the decision was for medical reasons. The rest is conjecture. I have my opinion. I always had the feeling of having given my best. The team worked very well and it was a good season, but Real Madrid is the one who makes the decision, I decided not to direct the matches of the final because I thought it was the best for the team. now, ”he opined.

Laso has spoken about his replacement. “If I don’t coach Madrid, I don’t care who coaches them. I wish all the luck in the world to Chus Mateo, with whom I have worked for many years. My former players value me and that is a pride that excites me.” , he assured.

Sergio Rodríguez is back

Real Madrid has tried to counter the press conference of Pablo Laso with the announcement of the signing of Sergio Rodríguez. According to the official statement, the white club has reached an agreement with the 36-year-old Canarian base, who comes from the EA7 Emporio Armani in Milan and is linked to it until June 30, 2023.



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