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Mixed feelings on the Betzenberg! While Lautern exuberantly celebrated the 2-1 win over Hannover 96, Ron-Robert Zieler (33) was annoyed about the goal conceded late – and the referee.

The world champion and 96 captain: “There should have been a throw-in. It’s all the more bitter that we conceded a goal after a corner and ended up with empty hands.”

In added time, referee Sven Waschitzki-Günther decided on a corner kick. Kenny Prince Redondo then brought the ball with an overhead kick to Tom Kraus, who scored from six meters to make it 2-1. Zieler was still there, but powerless.

An irregular hit for the keeper!

Zieler: “What’s brutally annoying and you could see that on the boys’ faces is that we conceded a goal in the last minute from a corner… From my point of view it should have been checked, it was a very clear throw-in . I don’t know why this hasn’t been discussed yet. A lot of people saw it that way. I don’t understand how you can give a corner there.”

Zieler lost the world champion duel against the strong Erik Durm (30), but didn’t just want to blame the referee for the defeat: “We didn’t play a good first half. Super annoying that we fell behind. You know how a game like that works. It would have been nice if we had taken the lead.”

He defended unlucky Julian Börner, who was responsible for the 0-1 draw: “Börni played very well. Unfortunately, the return pass was too short. Unfortunately, we can no longer change it.”

The great euphoria got a big damper in the first game. And that after seven games in preparation without bankruptcy.

Zieler: “It was always clear to me that it was going to be brutally difficult. If we had taken a point, everything would have been in the green. So it’s very annoying that we’re standing there empty-handed.”

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