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Now it’s getting dirty!

Barça wants to get rid of midfield star Frenkie de Jong (25/contract until 2026) – and apparently by all means. The Dutchman is said to have already been made clear that he has to leave the club.

Even with an exclusion from the US tour of the Catalans, de Jong is now threatened! There was also talk of a possible salary cut. Anything to get him to agree to a move to Manchester United.

Barça has already agreed with the English on a transfer fee of 75 million euros, which could increase by 10 million with bonuses. An urgently needed income for the Spanish crisis club – in addition to saving de Jong’s lavish annual salary. Especially if, like Barça, you want to go on a big shopping spree again this summer despite high debts and want to get Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski (33)!

Because: A de Jong departure is almost inevitable for Barça, not only because of the fresh transfer coal. As long as the club cannot save on player salaries, it should not be able to register new players! Franck Kessie (from AC Milan) and Andreas Christensen (Chelsea) are two newcomers on a free transfer, and agreement has also been reached to sign Leeds star Raphina for €58m.

But: Even the players who have already been committed can only be officially registered when other stars leave and free up their salary budget. Of course, this also applies to the hoped-for Lewandowski transfer!

That could change everything! Does the Barça coach not want Lewy at all?

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Barça had the same problem last year when the newcomers Depay, Agüero and Garcia were only able to register with a delay. At that time, superstar Lionel Messi left the club.

The problem: De Jong still doesn’t want to leave!

The Dutchman has recently emphasized several times that he feels comfortable in Barcelona. Even a possible move to Manchester United does not seem to convince him to say goodbye. De Jong wants to stay and fight for his regular place – even if the club is no longer planning with him.

In addition: Barça is said to have debts to de Jong! Spanish and English media report around 20 million euros in salary and bonus payments that were not paid out during the Corona crisis. It’s hard to imagine De Jong leaving the club without seeing the money first.

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The longer de Jong refuses to make a move, the more difficult it will be for Barça to implement further transfers. Like Lewandowski’s!

Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea) and Jules Kounde (Seville) are actually still on the Barça list. If de Jong leaves…


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