Fadia Reunion with Rebekah at the 2022 World Championship, PBSI Gives An Explanation


Siti Fadia Silva Ramadhanti will be paired again with Ribka Sugiarto at the 2022 World Championship. PBSI provides an explanation behind the decision.

As is known, starting this year Fadia has partnered with Apriyani Rahayu in the women’s doubles sector, while Ribka has a duet with Febby Valencia Dwijayanti Gani. However, this composition must be changed again specifically to welcome the 2022 World Championship, which will be held on August 22-28.

This is because the current BWF ranking of Fadia/Ribka still occupies the highest position among Indonesian women’s doubles who are still active, so they received an invitation from BWF. PBSI finally decided to duet back the two for a while.

“Why Fadia, because the others did not enter. So we gave the opportunity to compete and he (Fadia) is still actively playing, so as much as possible they (Fadia / Ribka) are able,” said Head of Binpres PP PBSI, Rionny Mainaky, at the PBSI National Training Center, Cipayung, Monday (25/7/2022).

Indonesia, as it is known, actually received invitations from BWF for several women’s doubles pairs. Apart from Fadia/Ribka, there are four other pairs who can also appear in the championship, namely Greysia Polii/Apriyani Rahayu, Nita Violina/Putri Syaika, Della Destiara/Rizky Amelia Pradipta, and Yulfira Barkah/Jauza Fadhila Sugiarto.

However, of this amount, PBSI is currently only responding to invitations to Rebekah/Fadia. Greysia is known to have retired, so Apriyani has no partner. Fadia herself is aware of this condition and has no problem returning to a duet with Rebekah.

“Yes, when it comes to chemistry, we have (been) partnered (since) for a long time so it’s easy to return it. Then we also practice together, the point is that we are paired with whoever I want to give the best,” said Fadia on the same occasion.

So far, Fadia also claimed to have communicated with Rebekah regarding the target for the World Championships later.

“I have communicated with Ribka. We both want to play nothing to lose and are ready to give the best results. Yes, the target is definitely there but I want to think about it step by step. Play nothing to lose,” said the Singapore Open 2022 champion with Apriyani This grace.



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