Decisive day for the Girondins: hearing in progress – Girondins

It is today Tuesday, July 5 that the FCGB goes before the appeal committee of the FFF.

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14:30 the Bordeaux delegation arrived at the FFF for the appeal hearing, as evidenced by this photo from the regional media Sud Ouest which is in Paris at the headquarters of the FFF.

Gérard Lopez, the Bordeaux delegation and the lawyer from Fortress are present.

Second chance

It was at 2:30 p.m. that the Bordeaux delegation was received by the FFF appeal committee. Downgraded to National about 15 days ago by the DNCG, the Girondins will defend their financial measures before this commission. Hit or miss.

Response expected late afternoon

Either the measures taken and presented to this commission hit the mark and meet the requirements of the DNCG, and the decision of the DNCG is reversed. Bordeaux will then be able to play in Ligue 2 this season. Either, the appeal committee confirms the demotion in national and the club will move towards a bankruptcy filing.

The verdict is expected in the middle or late afternoon. This day is going to be a long one for all lovers of the scapular club.

Tell us your impressions in the comments on this decisive day.



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