Anies regarding the JIS Spectator Guardrail Collapses: The Spirit of Jakmania is Extraordinary


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan has opened his voice regarding the collapse of the iron fence in the stands for the Persija supporters, The Jakmania at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). Anies said the incident occurred because of Jakmania’s high enthusiasm for supporting Persija in the match against Chonburi FC.

“Then about the fence, I think the enthusiasm is extremely high and this is the first time it has been used,” said Anies during a press conference at JIS, North Jakarta, Sunday (24/7/2022).

Anies said this event was part of the learning process, especially in facing future challenges. He then likened the incident to the growth of teeth.

“If the analogy is growing pain, growing pain is persistent when teeth grow, the doctor will not say it is a disease, but a natural process of growth,” he said.

“Just like this is part of a natural process, we grow together, we use it, then there is feedback, there is improvement, then God willing, our needs will be fulfilled,” he continued.

In line with Anies, Chairman of The Jakmania Dicky Sumarno admitted that he was grateful that the fence collapse incident did not occur during the 1st league. The reason is, if it happens during the league moment, the club which has the nickname Tiger Kemayoran will be penalized.

“Fortunately at the grand launch, not when the league started, otherwise Persija would have been fined,” he said.

Dicky also guaranteed that the incident was not caused by the wild Jakmania or Rojali’s entourage. According to him, football fans have more energy than the general audience.

“Because the character watching football is different from the general public. We can 100 times the energy to watch it. I hope this is a good lesson,” he said.



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