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Always follow the party, make contributions to the new era, Yantai Urban and Rural Construction School will carry out a series of theme activities to present “July 1st”

jellyfish net• 2022-07-02 21:15:20 •Correspondent Yang Yehong

Jellyfish Network, July 2 (Correspondent Yang Yehong)In order to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Yantai Urban and Rural Construction School has carried out a variety of themed activities to present “July 1st” in the past few days.

From June 28th to 30th, the school held a basketball game of “Strengthening the Body, Showing Your Style, Concentrating and Promoting Development” for three consecutive days. After each game, everyone realized the meaning of unity, perseverance and hard work; on the 29th, the school and the North The Xiuyuan community jointly launched the “Welcome to July 1st and Celebrate the Kindness of the Party”, expressing its eulogy and gratitude to the Party by making red paper quilting handicrafts; on the 30th, the leaders of the school party committee visited the old party members, and personally wore them for the old party members. “50 Years of Glory in the Party” commemorative medal, the old party members expressed that they felt extremely honored and proud to receive this heavy honor medal at this special point on the eve of “July 1st”.

On the morning of July 1, a theme activity of “Always Follow the Party and Contribute to a New Era” was held in various venues of the school, and all teachers and students of the school participated together. At the beginning of the activity, the teachers and students of the whole school sang the national anthem together. The exciting melody and inspiring lyrics inspired everyone’s fighting spirit. The next poem recitation “Always Follow the Party” showed the high-spirited and positive spirit of the school’s students. The loud voice echoed throughout the venue, expressing the confidence and determination of the students to serve the country. Afterwards, all the cadres of the school’s student union, holding bright five-star red flags, gathered at the World Championship Base to carry out the “Ingenuity to the Party, Skills to Serve the Country” Open Day activity. Under the leadership of national technical experts and skill masters, everyone visited the Cultural Corridor of the World Championship Base, relived the revolutionary spirit of the revolutionary predecessors who sacrificed their lives for their ideals and the unremitting pursuit of their dreams by enthusiastic young people, and learned about scientific giants and capable people. Skilled craftsmen work hard for China’s prosperity and strength, for the realization of the Chinese dream, and the tireless craftsmanship spirit. In the afternoon, facing the party flag, all the party members of the school collectively reviewed the oath of joining the party and accepted an ideological education and spiritual baptism.

“Looking forward to the future, as a young generation, you will definitely have a bright future. I hope you can love the party and the country, take on the mission forever, and integrate your personal ideals into the construction of the party and the country. Come on!” At the end of the event, Cai Muchan, the principal of Yantai Urban and Rural Construction School, was excited. The words of the heart pushed the whole event to a climax.



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