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Original title: Accident!Russia strikes in the face of the only event allowed to compete in international competitions and announces reason

Since the International Olympic Games issued an appeal to various individual sports associations at the end of February this year, Russia has been shut out of almost all Olympic competitions.

Even the ever-moderate International Tennis Federation (ITF) has suspended Russia’s membership and removed Russian players from team competition, although Russian tennis players can continue to play in the vast majority of WTA and ATP competitions. Appearance.

The only Olympic sport that still allows Russia to compete normally isjudo.Although the International Judo Federation has refused to allow Russian athletes to represent their country,Russian athletes are allowed to appear in any international judo event as a neutral.

The reason is that the head of the International Judo Federation, Wiesel, has a very good relationship with major Russian figures. He not only gave the green light to Russian athletes, but also initiated an initiative to judo athletes from all over the world: “We encourage all countries in the world. of judo athletes and Russian athletes, and hope that everyone can uphold the Olympic values ​​and realize the judo principles of mutual assistance and prosperity.”

As for why Russian athletes are allowed to continue to compete, rather than outright suspended like other federations, Wizel explained:“Any drastic decision to prevent athletes from competing will only continue to escalate violence and instill a sense of injustice in those athletes who are not involved in any conflicting decisions.”

Now that the door is open, Russian athletes should go all out and strive to win gold and silver in various events. Unexpectedly, the Russian Judo Federation refused to participate.

In an interview on July 21, the Russian Judo Federation explained:“Under the current conditions, it is very difficult for the Russian national team to enter most of the countries that host international competitions. In addition, the Russian Judo Federation has reason to worry about the personal safety of Russian athletes.”

Of course, the Russian Judo Federation also thanked the International Judo Federation for its decision and said that the refusal to participate is only temporary, and the license of the International Judo Federation is still valid!Return to Sohu, see more


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