Zinédine Zidane will not come to PSG: “Qatar took a rake and Nasser does not assume it”

As we relayed to you this Tuesday, Nasser Al-Khelaïfi told in the columns of L’Equipe that PSG has never been in contact with Zinédine Zidane so that the Frenchman takes over the post of coach.

Daniel Riolo, journalist for RMC Sport commented on these statements this Tuesday evening in After foot. According to him, what Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is saying is false.

“Nasser Al-Khelaïfi’s big lie is therefore June 21. He could have said it earlier that Zidane did not want to come. Why did he wait for June 21? For the first time in his life , he took a rake and he is determined not to assume it. So he tried to tell us another story”, comments the journalist who claims to know 100% that contacts have indeed taken place between Zizou and the PSG. “He was and always remained PSG’s plan A”.

Daniel Riolo also explains that if Zidane has not negotiated with PSG, it is because he is the one who will take over the French team after the World Cup in Qatar. “What happened in the Nations League tipped the scales a bit at Zidane, knowing that no matter what happens at the World Cup, Deschamps will leave the France team to Zidane. That’s recorded and final. PSG still does not have a coach on June 21, it will probably be Galtier”, he comments.

Before concluding by reaffirming that the president of PSG had lied: “Nasser is lying when he says that he has never discussed with Zidane, we all know it. Until the end, he believed in it, we believed in it, I believed it. I didn’t think Qatar could take a rake. They took it, it happens to everyone. And here they are telling a story that makes you laugh in advance and which will give us food for thought in the coming weeks”, he comments.

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