Yordan Álvarez leads voting for the All-Star Game

Less than a month until the 2022 All-Star Game of the Big leagues, Cuban Yordan Álvarez leads the voting as the designated hitter with the most ballots in the American League. With 835,669, the Cuban surpasses Shohei Ohtani by almost 200 thousand votes.

As for first base and the outfield, Yuli Gurriel is in fifth place with 204,164 units, while his brother ranks seventh as the most voted outfielder. According to“The first round of voting will determine who will be two of the players who will start the All-Star – the one who receives the most votes in each of the leagues – and which players will advance to the final round of the fan choice for the Game of Stars, which will be played on July 19 at Dodger Stadium.

“The player who gets the most votes in the American League and the National League after Phase 1 will earn his spot in his team’s starting lineup in the All-Star Game. In addition to those two players, the two with the most votes at each position, and the six most voted outfielders, will advance to the final round of the election process,” the site added.

It is well known that Yordan has established himself as one of the best homers this season in the entire Major League, as specified by his 17 home runs, which place him second, behind Aaron Judge of the Yankees. But it’s not just the full-turn shots that make him stand out, because in this case, Álvarez shines in the percentage of balls that come out with an exit speed greater than 95 mph.

Days ago, Yordan Álvarez agreed with the franchise a extension of your contract of 115 million dollars for six years. With that figure, he became the player with the longest extension for a designated hitter.

Álvarez was on track to hit free agency after the 2025 season and would have hit the open market at just 28 years of age. Instead, his new contract will buy out his three arbitration seasons and give the Astros control of what would have been the Cuban’s first three free-agent seasons, according to the site. MLB Trade Rumors.

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