Yintai District: Set up a characteristic rural children’s palace to help the implementation of “double reduction”

Yintai District: Set up a characteristic rural children’s palace to help the implementation of “double reduction”

2022-06-15 13:34:43Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Net News recently, the reporter walked into the Central Primary School of Hongtu Town, and saw the children singing, drawing and dancing, and on the court, the children were happily playing football. With the implementation of the “Double Deduction” policy, the amount of homework for students has decreased, and the school has used the rural school Children’s Palace to open interest clubs. The extracurricular reading time of students has increased, their interests and hobbies have been cultivated, their rest time has increased, and their health has been guaranteed.

In order to further implement the “double reduction” policy, promote the in-depth development of the “double reduction” work, and promote the all-round development of students’ morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. The Central Primary School of Hongtu Town, Yintai District made full use of the platform of the Children’s Palace of the rural school, and actively carried out the activities of the Children’s Palace of the rural school. “I have always liked to play basketball. After I finish my homework, I come to participate in training.” Niu Yuhui, a sixth-grade child who participated in the training on the playground, told reporters, “Now my daily homework is supervised by a teacher, it is much easier to complete, and I can still participate in the training. basketball training, it was so much fun.

Gao Feng, the principal of the school, introduced: “In order to actively respond to the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the Children’s Palace of Hongtu Town Central Primary School and Country School relies on the school’s relatively complete infrastructure and teacher advantages. Strengthen the teaching team of the Children’s Palace. The school will start in the spring of 2022, and 14 clubs will be opened, including basketball, calligraphy, dance, chorus, football, waist drum, art, computer, table tennis, Chinese learning enlightenment, classic reading, and boxing. The teachers of each club are based on their own Students choose clubs according to their own interests and hobbies, teachers respect individuality and stimulate interest in daily teaching, help children turn their hobbies into specialties, and help them develop in an all-round way.”

It is understood that since 2021, Hongtu Town Central Primary School will implement the “double reduction” policy and deeply integrate the construction of the “Rejuvenation Children’s Palace” in the countryside. With the help of the school’s advantageous resources, the construction of the “Country School Children’s Palace” will be accelerated, and targeted development of happy reading and interest Training, learning practice, psychological counseling and other services will make the “Country School Children’s Palace” a paradise for children to grow, ensure that every student can learn something and every teacher can teach something, and further stimulate the teachers and students of the whole school to actively participate in extracurricular activities interest, fully implement the “double reduction” policy, and jointly create a civilized and harmonious campus atmosphere.

Pei Ming, correspondent of all media of Xi’an Press, Ren Anding, Wang Wen, Sun Xiaosheng



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