WiPlanet clearly wins over Latina

Sport – Baseball – The shortage of pitchers from the Pontini compensated for the yellow-green’s bad day

WiPlanet Baseball – Mattia Cevolo batting

Viterbo – We receive and publish – 40 degrees without a breath of wind at 11 in the morning. It is not easy to play baseball, where concentration must be maximum, in a similar climate. In fact, the Latina – Montefiascone match was decidedly bad, with errors and failures from both teams. But it is already a good result if none of the yellow-green youths have had any illness or sunstroke.

The WiPlanet, which counted the absences of Matteo Pepponi and the pitcher Michele Carletti, immediately went ahead by 2 to 1, without however increasing the gap as the technical difference between the teams suggested. Up to the 5th inning the game remained in equilibrium, until the yellow-green were able to accelerate to 8th on 6 to 2. At this point the lack of pitchers put the Pontine defense in crisis, which surrendered. in the 9th inning for 13 to 3.

“It was an environmentally very difficult match due to the great heat – declared the manager Carletti – In addition, the absences of Michele Carletti and Pepponi forced several of our players to play out of position. Despite this we won and we managed to get everyone to play. Excellent debut of Giacomo Agostini in third base, which guarantees us an additional solution “.

Resting the first in the standings of Junior Grosseto, Arezzo easily disposed of the Dolphins Anzio (who had defeated them at home in the first leg) for 12 to 2, while the Brewers Roma overtook Siena 11 to 2.

Next Sunday, July 3, a rest day for Serie C, but not for Montefiascone Baseball. In fact, the stadium will host a day of friendly youth matches between mixed yellow-green teams and boys from Grosseto, Siena and Florence.

Meanwhile, the European championship continues for Flavia Carletti; it is possible to follow the matches of the Under 22 national softball team by connecting to the website

WiPlanet Baseball

June 29, 2022



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