who is Daniel Grenon, the new RN deputy for Auxerre-Puisaye in Yonne?

The RN candidate emerged victorious from the second round of the legislative elections, this Sunday, June 19. He will occupy for five years the seat of deputy of the 1st district of Yonne (Auxerre-Puisaye).

He is the surprise of this second round, in a constituency acquired ten years ago by a local baron, LR Guillaume Larrivé. Daniel Grenon, retired, novice in politics and long-time supporter of the National Front, allowed the RN this Sunday to win the first constituency of Yonne for the first time, that of Auxerre-Puisaye.

At 73, this former grocer has been retired for 12 years. Born in Saint-Fargeau, he lives near Charny-Orée-de-Puisaye and is a member of several sports associations, including archery, a sport he loves.

This mandate as a deputy represents his first investiture: Daniel Grenon had tried his luck for the first time during the departmental 2021, without success. Arrived with 18% of the vote, his partner had obtained no seat. He was also on Julien Odoul’s list at the regionals of the same year. Why run for the 2022 legislative elections? “As I had made scores during the departmental, I said to myself: why not“, explained Daniel Grenon this Monday, June 20 on the antenna of France Bleu Auxerre.

Unlike his rival LR Guillaume Larrivé, used to national television sets, Daniel Grenon is not experienced in the media exercise. During this legislative campaign, he had declined the invitation of France 3 Burgundy to participate in the debate of the first round in his constituency of Yonne.

On the subject of the defeat of Guillaume Larrivé, yet deputy for ten years of this constituency, Daniel Grenon rightly evokes the lack of proximity of the ex-elected. “Guillaume was a man of ground, but he lost, perhaps, because he was no longer enough ground, perhaps because of his behavior“, he believes on France 3 Bourgogne. In the second round, Daniel Grenon probably benefited from the postponement of LR votes: “Guillaume’s voters gave me their confidence“, he analyzes. Guillaume Larrivé had in fact not given voting instructions to his 8,700 voters, who had the choice between the RN and the NUPES in the second round.

Daniel Grenon describes himself as a “first and foremost a man in the field, always in contact with citizens and the public, I love talking to them a lot“. About his age, which he does not hide, he claims to be ready for combat.

“It’s a heavy task ahead of me, it’s true, I’m aware of it, but I still have the power to be able to do it. I’m going to approach these five years with a lot of strength. I will give my all. better.”

The file that is close to his heart? “The famous reduction in VAT, which will really have to be lowered to restore purchasing power to this popular mass on basic necessities“, he adds to France Bleu. He promises to be a deputy in contact with all his constituents, “whatever the opinions”. “There is no need to be afraid of the RN. We are a party like any other party. We were always beaten with sticks, but I don’t see why. We are human beings first and foremost.

► VIDEO: Daniel Grenon’s reaction to France 3 Bourgogne on the evening of his election on Sunday June 19

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Daniel Grenon reacts to his election in the 2022 legislative elections

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