What a great end to the season for Font-Romeu Judo

At the end of the year, it is time to take stock of the last competitions. Several judokas from the Font-Romeu judo association have done well, the others have not been unworthy. Club members are trained by Justine Schmitt, technical director and coach.

First of all, let’s salute the performance of Soeli Cullel in the final of the youngest Occitanie championships which took place in Mèze. Sole representative in this age category for Font-Romeu judo, Soeli Cullel qualified in – 32 kg. His qualities and his perseverance allowed him to finish on the 3rd step. Then, during the Andorra international tournament, Font-Romeu judo was represented by Jade Olivier and Angel Cayrol-Flament as cadets and Mathilde Massoutier and Issol Mayans as seniors. Jade will not pass the second round of the tables, Angel finishes first in her category. In seniors, Mathilde did not deserve but an injury put her out of play. Issol chained the fights. After the first and the second fight won on the ground, he continues with the round of 16 hands down. “In the quarter, it’s very strong in front and he had trouble finding solutions. He is led by Waza Ari when the last seconds arrive. Everyone pushes in the public, the young people had stayed for the encourage. At one point, I shouted at him, on the fly. On the last action, Issol wins by Ippon”, explains Justine Schmitt, the coach. In the final, he perfectly manages his fight which he wins. The tournament continues with the minimal category. Robinson Maggia fails to move on to the tableau phases. In the youngest category, Esteban Cayrol loses his three fights while Bruno Resa Santo shows good skills and climbs to the 3rd step of the podium. To finish the tournament, his brother Jairo Resa Santos who fights in the Poussin category, reaches the final with great ease. He loses his fight in the final when he was not far from victory. He won a beautiful silver medal. Justine wanted to congratulate the young people “for the investment you show and for representing our sport so well in the trips to these important competitions”.

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