Girona’s enthusiasm knows no bounds

TENERIFE (Special Envoy)“We want to make history and we feel that the city and the whole area are on our side”, explains Míchel Sánchez, who in a few hours could become the second coach to move Girona to the First Division. To achieve this, he will have to win in Tenerife (21 hours, #Vamos); because no other result is worth it, after the 0-0 first leg in Montilivi. The team, conjured to get the promotion, has already landed in Tenerife. “Good luck tomorrow,” the pilot told them as he descended the stairs. Heliodoro will be full to the brim, as was the white-and-red stadium the other day, which will be represented by 250 brave men who have defied the prices and logistical difficulties to accompany his team to the ‘elite. The opportunity is worth it and whoever is there will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Gone are the fears and ghosts of the past, as well as the disappointments that the people of Girona have suffered year after year during the time of play-off. Girona clings to the example of the previous eliminatory one, in which it overthrew an Eibar that had everything in its favor. It is useless to think about the statistics of this course between both teams: in three games, no white-and-red victory. “We are excited and motivated to fight for this dream,” said the coach of a team that only one victory separates from Primera. It is the moment for which they have worked so hard during the year, one of the moments that any professional footballer wants to feel in his skin. It’s time for Juan Carlos, Arnau, Bueno, Bernardo, Juanpe, Valery, Aleix Garcia, Pol Lozano, Iván Martín, Álex Baena and Cristhian Stuani. It’s time for Ortolá, Juncà, Jairo, Víctor Sánchez, Samu Saiz, Terrats, Pablo Moreno and Bustos. It’s time for Borja García, Kebe and Sarmiento. It’s time for Gabri, Ureña, Artero, Monjonell, Biel Farrés, Sala and Dawda. It’s time for Michel, Salva Fúnez, David Porcel, Juan Carlos Balaguer, Quique Cárcel and Delfí Geli. It’s time for the fans. It’s everyone’s time. It’s time for Girona.



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