Werder Bremen loses first friendly against VfB Oldenburg with 1:3 – Bundesliga

Werder still have a lot of work to do before the Bundesliga kick-off in six weeks…

The team coached by Ole Werner (34) lost the first pre-season test match 1-3 (1-0) against VfB Oldenburg. The third division promoted presented itself as a better team in the second half and rewarded itself with a deserved win against the first division.

Bremen’s coach: “One imagines a first test differently. It’s clear that you don’t have any precise processes in it yet, but you have to play it all the more seriously. We started well, but ended up scoring three goals ourselves.”

Werder messed up first test against Oldenburg

In front of 3333 spectators, the Werner-Elf started the game better at the Berliner Ring in Verden, but did not manage to take the lead. Only in the 30th minute did Benjamin Goller take the lead with a deflected shot.

In the second half, both coaches rotate, swapping their teams completely. This is having a positive effect on Oldenburg. 53 minutes: After a free kick comes in, there is great chaos in the Werder defense, nobody feels responsible for VfB professional Affamefuna-Michael Ifeadigo, who is free to head the ball and scores the equaliser.

A good ten minutes later, Ifeadigo steps up again: After a mismatch between Werder newcomer Niklas Stark and keeper Dos Santos Haesler, the striker easily pushes in to take the lead.

Werder is then no longer able to turn the game around. A big buck from Nicolai Rapp, who throws a throw-in at Marco Schulz’s feet, seals the 1:3 defeat in the first test.

Werner: “We are now addressing things clearly and will improve considerably in the course of the preparation. We still have enough time for that.”

This is how Werder played: Zetterer – Pieper, Groß, Schröder – Rosenboom, Park – Gruev, Schmidt, Woltemade – Goller, Füllkrug (First half)

Dos Santos Haesler – Chiarodia, Stark, Rapp – Agu, Jung – Salifou, Löpping, Bittencourt –Brandt, Ducksch (Second half)



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