Verdict known for Veterans and para-judo

On Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19, the French Veteran judo and para-judo championships took place in Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis). A successful date.

The party was at the rendezvous in Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis). The town hosted the French Veterans Judo and para-judo championships on June 18 and 19. On Saturday, para-judokas and Veterans opened the festivities. Paro-judo received 49 participants for this national gathering. Among women, Sandrine Martinet was crowned French champion in -52kg without competing in a fight because there were no other competitors. Prescillia Leze won the national title in +78kg.

Among men, Youn Balcou became French champion in -60kg. Aurèle Guenerie also became one in -66kg. In -73kg, Nathan Petit adorned himself with gold. Dorian Balcou won the national -81kg championship. In 90kg, Helios Latchoumanaya wins the day. In +100kg, the title goes to Arthur Repiquet. Antoine Hays, director of Para Judo, was satisfied after this French championship. “We are delighted with this 2022 edition on which we were able to bring together 49 participants. Organize this French Para Judo Championship at the same time as the Veterans is a real added value in terms of exemplary “, he said on the FFJudo website.

The Veterans were also at the party

At the same time, the French Veterans Championships took place. For women, Caroline Plucain wins the national title in -48kg. Virginie Cadet takes first place in -52kg. Meryl Hirtzig won in -57kg. In -63kg, Séverine Perrin obtained the first jump seat. In the -70kg category, Christine Collomb takes first place. In -78kg, Francine Polderl climbs on the first step of the podium. While in 78kg, the victory goes to Marie-Claude Ivaldi. Mélanie Machy takes the highest step of the podium in +78kg.

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Among men, Adrien Bardel was crowned champion in France in -60kg. Mike Demiddele invested the first place in -66kg. In -73kg, Mathieu Jacquot is also titled. Mickaël Lerebourg is crowned in -81kg. Franck Chazeirat, meanwhile, finished in first place in -90kg. Aimeric Boyer is crowned in -100kg. While Jean-Marc Pacé finished first in +100kg.



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