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by Francesco Pioppi

Goodbye to Bryant Crawford and – most likely – also to Stevie Thompson and Justin Johnson. These are days of careful reflection at the Reggiana Basketball home, but soon we will pass from words to deeds. By the end of the week the red and white managers and Max Menetti will dissolve the last reservations on the three Americans mentioned above. The agreements signed last summer provide for bilateral exits that can be exercised by the end of June and the club currently seems to be intent on turning the page.

We will certainly not see Crawford again with the red and white jersey: the play-guard after a promising start, closed the season in decline also due to some misunderstanding with coach Caja and the idea in any case would still be to take – eventually – a player with different characteristics than the Wake Forest product.

Stevie Thompson, on the other hand, had a substantially opposite path to that of his teammate, because after starting the championship very badly – even risking the cut before Christmas – he then closed in crescendo, showing that, with a little confidence and patience, he can hold the stage of the Serie A while not being a champion. Even for him, however, currently engaged in Puerto Rico, there does not seem to be too many chances for a confirmation. In that role, Reggiana Basketball hopes to be able to reach Giordano Bortolani and at that point the foreigner will probably have different characteristics (more size and physicality) than the talent owned by Olimpia Milano and Thompson himself. It will go – as always – ‘interlocking’ and it is obvious that in this case we are reasoning (absolutely obligatory exorcism …) as if we were already on the 1st of July and Mikael Hopkins was actually part of the next roster as well.

If we then only made it a matter of generosity, devotion to the cause and usefulness, Justin Johnson would also deserve confirmation but his atypicality – perfect for Attilio Caja’s system who loved to use it even as a ‘five’ tactician in defense – does not go well. instead with what are the qualities that Max Menetti tends to use for the players who fill that position. The ‘four’ holder must have the ability to read the game and open the field with a three-pointer: weapons that are not in ‘JJ”s luggage which is perfect for doing the’ dirty work ‘.

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For the latter two (Thompson and Johnson), however, it is right to keep a minimum margin of possibility if – perhaps late in the summer – Pallacanestro Reggiana should review some characteristics of its structure or change strategy in relation to other arrivals or departures, but they are hypotheses that remain in the background. The reality at the moment is that Unahotels has decided to let them go in order to start looking elsewhere.



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