User contribution – St. Pölten Judoka: Undefeated in the final

Second judo tournament in St. Pölten

The joy about the first judo tournament in St. Pölten was great, but the second tournament was not long in coming. Two weeks after the premiere it happened that the next two encounters of the Shinzen Shiai were held in the premises of the SPORTUNION St. Pölten. For the fighting community of
St. Pölten and Wieselburg also represented the last fights before the final in September.

Victory with 10:4 and 9:4

Both the children’s team and the adult team can be quite satisfied. Both dominated the tournament again. The children won 10:4 against Budokan Mödling, the adults won 9:4 against Müaookami – a fighting community between Amstetten and Ulmerfeld.

Fought at number 1 in the list

With these victories, WiMiKa Senshi is currently number 1 in the amateur sports league. Since these were the last fights for her before the final, nothing will change in her result. Although there are still a few fights between the opponents, the point difference is so large that it seems unlikely that the St. Pöltner and Wieselburger will be overtaken.

Adults go undefeated to the final

The adult team won every single match until the very end and will therefore enter the final in September undefeated. But the performances of the children’s team were outstanding. The kids only lost one match out of four and clearly won the other three.

– Daniel Spiegel, St. Pölten



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